Bols Blue Curacao Liqueur 700ml

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Bols Blue
BOLS Blue the original Blue Curaçao. Bols Blue was, and still is, the world’s best-selling blue curaçao. Known in the previous century as “Crème de Ciel”, it is one of the oldest flavours in the modern Bols liqueur range. Bols Blue adds a sparkling blue colour, a powerful orange flavour and a superb and unique aftertaste to any cocktail. As well as being a great substitute for Triple Sec in cocktails like the Blue Margarita and electric lemonade, it is also delicious when served long with soda or orange juice. Most Blue Curaçaos only offer colour to a drink, but Bols Blue adds a rich, varied orange flavour from a special type of oranges and its peel. This gives Bols Blue a unique finish.

FLAVOUR:Orange flavour from fruit and peel with a unique finish.

AROMA:Fresh mandarine-like scent.

COLOUR:Deep blue.

USE:Straight, on the rocks, excellent in cocktails and mixed drinks.