About us

www.mydmart.com is the online portal for D-MART International Grocery Stores in China. This portal allows our customers to buy and receive groceries and other everyday items in China from around the world.

D-MART International Grocery Stores offer thousands of goods from over 80 countries. Foreign and local specialists on our staff carefully select items like foods and beverages, wines and spirits, cooking ingredients, and everyday goods for direct import into China. These items are all well-known brand names in their country of origin. Our philosophy is to offer our customers reputable goods that they would typically find in their home countries, and this insistence on quality is what has earned us the long-standing trust of our customers.

D-MART International Grocery Stores were established in 2012. Here at D-MART, we believe in “Providing authentic foreign flavors and quality foreign products directly to our customers.” In addition to our online portal at www.mydmart.com, D-Mart stores are located in Beijing and Tianjin.

In addition to our growing number of individual customers, D-Mart International Grocery Stores serve corporate customers as well. We supply ingredients and goods to restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and bakeries, and we also serve local companies, banks, national agencies, and business associations. D-Mart International Grocery Stores also work with a number of international schools, international organizations, foreign companies, restaurant associations, and fine dining establishments to sponsor annual charity events to benefit the local community. 

D-MART International Grocery Stores and www.mydmart.com warmly welcome you to enjoy the “Food of the World”!