Alita Rose Semi Dry Sparkling Wine 750ml

NV Alita Rose Semi Dry Sparkling, Lithuania

Sangiovese (or Nielluccio in Corsica), a dark-berried vine, is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. Virtually synonymous with the red wines of Tuscany, and all the romanticism that goes with the territory, Sangiovese is the core constituent in some of the great names in Italian wine. Italy’s love affair with Sangiovese – and indeed the world’s – is generations old, though recent grapevine research suggests the variety is not as ancient as once thought.
At the dawn of the 21st Century, Sangiovese equated to roughly one in every 10 vines on the Italian peninsula. The quality of Sangiovese wine can be notoriously variable, though in the 1980s, drastically improved winemaking techniques saw a significant shift toward more quality-oriented releases. Sangiovese has numerous clones and is consequently known by many synonyms in its native Italy...more

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Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe between Belarus and the Baltic Sea, bordered by Latvia to the north and Poland to the south. Situated between the latitudes of 53 and 56 degrees north, it lies just north of the 'Wine Belt', the theoretical band between 32 and 51 degrees in which effective viticulture is practicable.
As the southernmost of the three Baltic states (the territories that gained independence from Russia after WW1), Lithuania is closest to the influences of Western Europe. It also enjoys the added ease of trade brought about by its proximity to Germany, Poland and Russia.

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